IDG CREATIVES. (Pty) Ltd collaborates with you to create content that visually inspires, holds attention, and changes the way we think. Established on the principle that through powerful storytelling and creative content your voice can be shared with a wider audience across multiple online, social, and print platforms.

IDG CREATIVES. provides video, photography, sound, cross-platform multimedia services, and writing. We engage in new forms of disseminating information by providing immersive content to established and emerging audiences.

IDG CREATIVES. was founded by Ilan Godfrey, an award-winning South African documentary photographer, artist, author, and activist. He has dedicated the last twenty years to bringing truly engaged, powerfully moving, and intimate stories to people across the globe.

Ilan Godfrey
Ilan Godfrey

Founder I Photographer I Director

Tel: +27 (0) 724474604

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